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Retreading is a tire repair process that gives new life to a used or worn out tire. In many cases, worn out tires still have a lot of serviceable life left even though there is no useable tread remaining. Only sound, carefully inspected tire casings are used for retreading.

Tried, Tested and True

Our retreaded tires have seen continued improvement over the years, as we have maintained our commitment to providing great quality tires at the lowest cost to both the environment and our customers. We are committed to high quality and safety. No matter what tire brand you rely on for your car or truck, we can help. Contact us today to see how we can help you get back on the road.

The retread process consists of 6 Steps;

Step 1
Initial inspection: The tire (or casing) is inspected to ensure it passes industry standards in regards to casing integrity, age, etc. before it begins the retread process.

Step 2
Buffing: The casing is buffed to remove the old tread and prepare the tire for the new tread.

Step 3
Repair/Skiving: The casing is repaired and any debris (stones, etc.) are removed manually.

Step 4
Building: An adhesive agent is applied on the casing then new rubber is applied to the casing.

Step 5
Curing: The casing with new rubber is placed in a either a mold or a chamber (depending on the process) to cure the rubber to the casing.

Step 6
Final inspection: The tire is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped to the customer.